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Social Media Marketing

Category: Social Plateform & Marketing

Course Outline:

  1. Use digital and social media in marketing campaigns
  2. Imaging software
  3. Video software
  4. MTA: Web development fundamentals
  5. Website software
  6. Web fundamentals
  7. Spreadsheet software
  8. Principles of Social Media within a Business
  9. Principles of keywords and optimisation
  10. Social Networking Management for a business
  11. Content Management System website creation
  12. Creating and optimising content for the Web
  13. Principles of Mobile Social Media for a business
  14. Principles of Social Media advertising and promotion
  15. Understanding Customer Relationship Management for creative business
  16. Communicating using digital marketing / sales channels105
  17. CIW Internet business foundations
  18. CIW Perl fundamentals
  19. CIW Web foundations associate
  20. CIW site development foundations
  21. CIW security essentials
  22. Web development
  23. Analyse and report data
  24. Relationships to other qualifications
  25. Sources of general information


Canidate must have minimum qualification Above matric with strong knowledge of computer.Any programming backgroud will be plus point.

Canidate will spend 6-Hours daily for 5-days in a week.

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