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Computer Application

Category: IT User & Applications

Course Outline:

  1. IT User fundamentals
  2. Setting up an IT system
  3. Optimise IT system performance
  4. Security for IT users
  5. IT communication fundamentals
  6. Using the Internet,Email,collaborative technologies and mobile IT devices
  7. Personal information management software
  8. IT software fundamentals
  9. Audio / Video / Bespoke / Specialist software
  10. Computer accounting software
  11. Data management software
  12. Database / Design / Imaging software
  13. Desktop publishing software
  14. Drawing and planning software
  15. Multimedia / Presentation / Project management / Spreadsheet / Website / Word processing software
  16. Understand the potential of IT
  17. Developing personal and team effectiveness using IT
  18. Internet safety for IT users
  19. Using a computer keyboard
  20. 3D Drawing and planning software
  21. 3D Design software
  22. 3D Animation software


Canidate must have minimum qualification Above matric with strong knowledge of computer.Any programming backgroud will be plus point.

Canidate will spend 6-Hours daily for 5-days in a week.

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Web Development

E-Commerece Solutions

ERP Solutions

Mobile App Solutions

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